Full Screen Game

ZoneRoyale is a new Battle Royale where you will cope with many wicked opponents in a dangerous world. The game is truly inspired by other shooter games that you have already played before, especially the famous Battle Royale games, but this title surely brings you a fresh feeling! In the game, you will have to make your way through the map finding a lot of weapons. Collect as many weapons as possible, like a machine gun, a shotgun, a pistol or even a rocket launcher. You have to use them to eliminate your opponents when you catch sight of them. All actions need to be done in a fast and careful way, or else the game will be over easily. As you play, watch out for the danger zone that keeps getting smaller. You need to leave it immediately, or your health will be lost. With the toughness of the battle, can you survive until the end for your victory? Play it now!

How to play

Move with the mouse, use the left mouse or spacebar to fire, click the right mouse or key W to sprint, key Q to change weapons, and key F to drop the weapons.

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