Full Screen Game is a featured MMO Slither style game containing tons of power-ups to collect. It is about a match where you have to fight and eliminate other opponents! The new adventure is placed in the middle of an open world. After sending the cute worm you select to the arena, you must try to become the most powerful player. In unblocked, unique creatures will spawn constantly. It seems to be an endless competition. Start off with the smallest animal you are forced to grow bigger. Don’t worry! It is extremely easy to eat because the food is scattered across the playfield. They are glowing orbs. When you get longer, you will make yourself to be more vulnerable. Play free online it is simple to realize that a smaller enemy can kill a large target. So, you’d better avoid running into anybody. If your head bumps into someone nearby, every progress will be stolen. Evade dangers and attack their tail instead! To speed up, you can approach electric grid lines. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to guide the worm to move

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