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Worms.zone Game

Worms.zone is another Snake-themed Slither-style version IO game you can play in a browser for free. You begin with just a small worm slithering through a huge map full of cute animals dotted around, and your job is to eat them all to increase your size gradually until you reach a large size which brings you a lot of power. Besides eating the animals, don’t forget to consume some power-ups and they will give you an edge over other enemy worms in the arena. You can make good use of them to outsmart any other worms that are trying to wipe you out, which also saves your life a lot. Do whatever it takes to keep your worm alive for as long as possible and vie for your ultimate glory at the same time. Worms.zone also features wonderful game modes for you to master. After proving that you are the best worm in the arena, you can get access to other modes easily. Hope you have a blast with it!

How to play

Use the left/right mouse button to speed up your worm.

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