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Wormax2.io Game

Wormax2.io unblocked is a cool io game with the snake concept like Slither.io. This is the sequel to Wormax.io game with new features, better graphics, and upgraded gameplay. Are you up for it? The game is all about worms controlled by human players all around the world fighting one another for domination. You navigate your small worm around the map to eat fruit for growing your size. After eating fruit for a long time, you will become a bigger worm with more strength and confidence for an encounter with other enemy worms. You have to kill them all if you want to win! Use your long body to encircle around them, or speed up to cut them off, and make sure they run into your body. You must defend yourself, though. The game will be over if you touch someone’s body. Can you get to the first place on the leaderboard? Enjoy Wormax2.io free now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your worm, the left mouse or Q to accelerate, press W to stop moving, E for the stealth mode, and use keys 1-5 for a smiley.

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