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UFOz Game

Have fun playing UFOz unblocked at school for free! The game is exactly the same as Hole.io and Crowd City in terms of gameplay, but on the right side, it’s still worth a try. You are a zombie-like character moving around a big city full of edible objects. You must direct the movement of your UFO to go suck as many objects as possible for a big size. The more you eat, the bigger you are. Be careful with bigger UFOs that can hinder your way and gobble you up. They are directed by other players and are the enemies you must destroy once you get bigger than them. Keep your UFO upgraded gradually until your suction power gets bigger, which makes you the strongest UFO in the city. Try to play with smart strategies so you can defeat all enemies for a chance of winning. Launch UFOz free online in your browser now!

How to play

The mouse is used for moving your UFO around the map. Use the left mouse to absorb objects and eat other enemy UFOs.

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