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TileMan.io Game

TileMan.io is a strategy game inspired by the Splix style. It is similar to Slither.io, too. It is about a crazy online multiplayer match set on a map where you are forced to survive and expand your given small territory. It is not simple to try and conquer blocks in the surroundings. But, you need to master how to convert tiles by creating a perfect square – the enclosed places will be changed into your color.

Although the rule of TileMan.io game sounds easy, it is really hard to complete. Indeed, you will start off with a random skin and you must take over all areas nearby. Aside from occupying more lands and avoiding encounters, you can choose to trap opponents within your regions. Making those characters bump into you will defeat them. However, you should approach targets carefully or you can be counterattacked. Different from the original, you are able to stop whenever. Besides, you are allowed to select any mode you love, for example, Extreme Speed or Rats and more. Join the race and explore now!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move.
Press E/P/Numpad 5 to stop.

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