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TDFork Game

TDFork is a Tower Defense game created by hdggdalton, and it is regarded as an upgraded version of the original TD by Immaculate on It can be the same as other classic Strategy Tower Defense games that you have already played on the Internet in terms of gameplay, but with this multiplayer web-browser title, you can be sure to have a huge amount of fun. You will face off against numerous waves after waves of enemies that are trying to take your gem in the bottom of the map. There are up to 15 waves of foes here, and to fend them off, you must strategically place some towers as well as turrets along the track to shoot down all foes before they reach the gem. As time goes by, you can upgrade your weapons to make them stronger than ever. You can even join a team to play with teammates, fix their buildings, and combine your strengths together to wipe out the enemy hordes more easily. Think can reach the final victory in TDFork? Enjoy it!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Use key R to fix a tower/wall next to you, key U to improve it, and click the left mouse to place down turrets or open the gem shop by standing beside the gem.

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