Full Screen Game

As a sumo wrestler in unblocked, you have to go hunt for other enemy sumo players and try to finish them off to win. When you spawn on a big map, you are very small and you must move around the map to collect as many sushi power-ups as possible. As you absorb the sushi food, you can capture more areas on the map. After taking over like 20% of the map, you will need to move smarter because it will be hard to move fast as you grow up like that and the enemies can take this as your weak spot to attack you. If they do, you have to be quick to respond to their attacks as well as avoid them. Do not take any damage from them, otherwise, you will have to restart the game. You are here for the top place on the leaderboard and a big crown on your head. Much fun with free game.

How to play

Direct the movement of your sumo player using arrow keys or WASD.

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