Full Screen Game

Get yourself ready for a battle between hostile stickmen in unblocked! Your fighting skills will be truly tested through challenges in this io game unblocked. But on the right side, you will have a lot of fun and earn yourself a new experience. In game online, you are as stickman trying to kill all enemies. You must aim then shoot them all, run through all dangers around you, and carefully spawn weapons on the map. Make sure you take advantage of any equipment in your hand so you can dish out damage to other stickmen before they have a chance to kill you. Keep collecting kills for a high score, which takes you to the top rank on the leaderboard. There are many character classes you can choose to play, such as fighter, warrior, marksman, assassin, acrobat, and runner. Join the game now and battle it out! Much fun with it!

How to play

Move your stickman around the map using WAD, use the spacebar to jump, press Shift to run, press it twice to sprint, press LKM to punch, PKM to kick, use C to view the camera, use Esc to open the menu bar, use Q to open the emoticons, and use 1-5 to perform the special abilities.

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