Full Screen Game

Will you make your way through a dangerous forest in unblocked safely and beat all enemies? Feel free to join this survival game in your browsers and take the chance to show your skills. As a survivor, you must roam the forest carefully collecting wood by cutting down some trees. Then, you use the wood to create a wooden pickaxe. After having a pickaxe, you can use it to gather some stones. To make a campfire, combine both stones and wood. This campfire will keep you warm and survive the cold when the night comes. When you feel hungry, go around the map to find some berries or you can hunt for some animals to get some meat. Whatever you do, make sure you always get through the cold and the hunger because these are the two big challenges you must conquer if you want to win. Watch out for other survivors who are doing the same task as you too! You aim to become the best player in strategy game.

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move around the forest. Click the left mouse button to craft items and collect resources.

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