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Spinz.io Game

Enjoy another exciting and addictive IO game in which spinning fast is the only way you can win! Let’s play Spinz.io game now to show off your spinning abilities! The game is greatly inspired by Agar.io, but it has different gameplay mechanics and features. You play as a fidget spinner trying to spin around the map to eat up colored food orbs so that you can spin faster. The more orbs you eat, the faster you can spin. When you bump into other opponents, you have to quickly collide with them. They will get broken and all of their mass will be shot out. That’s when you can take theirs to spin faster. You can even establish some combos as well as employ your tactics to deal with all rivals. The main objective of the game is to reach the top spot to become the best fidget spinner of all. Have fun!

How to play

Control your fidget spinner around the map by using the mouse. Click left mouse button to speed up.

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