Full Screen Game

Demonstrate your great music knowledge in unblocked! This is an entertaining io game about music. You will compete against many friends around the world to see who has better music knowledge. You will pick a nickname for your character, enter a room and get ready to play. The mission for you here is to guess the song or the artist playing before anyone else. Stay focused on the music, then quickly send your correct answer to earn score. You can pick different music genres! After you have won some matches, you will earn a number of coins. Make use of your earnings to buy some bonuses, such as “remove an answer” or the “double chance”. It’s going to be so fun when you can use the bonuses to get an upper hand on your opponents. The one with the best score at the end of the game will become the winner! Enjoy free game right now!

How to play

The mouse is used for clicking through the in-game menus.

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