Full Screen Game

You have to fight for your ultimate survival in game! It’s an epic fight pitting you against skilled rivals from around the world. This is a chance for you to prove your skills. You will pick a cool weapon then enter the fray to battle it out. Your main goal in unblocked is to become the best player of all. To that end, you must kill all enemies around using powerful weapons and attempt to get through all the dangers, especially the attacks from other players. Watch your back, your front, and even your sides whenever you explore areas on the map. You should speculate what enemies are up to do, spy on them if you can, and always have smart strategies ready to cope with them. As you pick up kills, your experience points will be increased too, which helps you climb the rankings faster. Will you reach the top place on the leaderboard to become the best shooter in unblocked? Have fun!

How to play

The left mouse is used for shooting, the right mouse is used for aiming, press R to reload, C to crouch, P to pause the game, keys 1-9 to change weapons, press T for the chat, press Enter to send, and use the spacebar to jump.

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