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REPULS is a fun-addicting first-person shooter iO game where you can use lots of powerful weapons and control a cool cybernetic warrior. Additionally, it is an intense multiplayer match online. In which, you must fight against all character and stay alive at the end of the battle. Being the last standing man will help you dominate the top spot of the leaderboard after that. Play REPULS online free as an elite soldier and get ready to show your skills in the new challenge wisely! Aside from melee hits, you are able to fire guns or throw Frag grenades as your preference. Do not forget to select and deploy proper items! Always look around and move to make the foes harder to kill you! Remember to aim before shooting at anybody! When you take damage, your HP will auto regenerate. Therefore, seek a safe point to do that after you are shot! There are still numerous secrets waiting for you to experience. Good luck!

How to play

Strike WASD to wander around, Space to jump, LMB to fire, RMB to aim, Q to melee attack, 1-2 to choose tools

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