Full Screen Online Game is a new MMORPG iO game. It is a race in which the winner will be the one collecting the most gold. However, it is not similar to a classic competition because everybody can destroy each other. Try your best to loot what you want and defend your player from every danger for survival! They are two important elements that allow you to win the top spot.

Play online unblocked you can choose to take the role of a Warrior, a Hunter or a Berserker. Aside from that, it is completely available for all joiners to team up with their friends. It is the latest update that you should test. In unblocked, you are able to hunt other people and steal their progress whenever. In addition to hitting, do not forget to display a special ability or taunt! Which modes shall you select to begin your story? Much fun!

How to play

Tap WASD keys to roam, Left Mouse to hit, Space to jump, Shift to show your ability, R to taunt, G to put down Gold, O to open options, Tab to look up the game info

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