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Polygun.io Game

Polygun.io is a new 2D shooter game based on Diep.io. It is about a survival match placed in a circular arena. In which, you can see a lot of small geometric figures. Approach and destroy them to loot XP and evolve! They are also useful to help you regain your health. They can allow you to heal yourself quickly. Besides, it is easy to encounter plenty of enemies within Polygun.io unblocked. Always watch your back and stay away from those who are stronger than you! Advanced rivals can prevent you from climbing up to the highest point of the evolution tree. Play Polygun.io free online you are taking part in a top-down playfield where you drive a tank and fight against countless opponents over the world at once. Try to dodge attacks to survive, eliminate the target to boost your points and unlock levels! Further, you can buy numerous upgrades. Have fun!

How to play

Choose WASD to roam, the mouse cursor to aim, click to attack, hold Left Mouse auto-fire

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