Full Screen Game

Time to show off your building skill in! In this title combining and, players will be pitted against each other and have to move around a huge map trying to form their own realms. You must quickly claim as much empty space as possible the connect the claimed space back to your main base so you can extend the size of your territory. You will find it awesome to freely wander around the map, but this action is also risky a bit as you may meet your doom anytime when somebody crashes into your tail. Therefore, the main point is that you must watch behind all the time. Do not let any enemies run into the tail, or else they will wipe you out and steal your space, meaning you will have to restart it from scratch. It will be better for you to use your good strategies to outsmart your rivals. Like other Upgrades IO games, in, there is only one top rank on the leaderboard. Can you make it yours? Good luck!

How to play

Control your character around the map using WASD or arrow keys.

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