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MineRoyale.io Game

MineRoyale.io is an exciting 2D Shooter game. It is available to play solo and check every strategy you want in the next match. In which, you are forced to become the last standing man if you need to win the top spot. It is essential to mine resources like iron, gold, and diamonds. They will be important materials to craft armor along with weapons. Remember that the playable area will shrink gradually. You can throw and detonate TNT or throw arrows or wield your sword to defend yourself against your rivals. Good luck!

How to play

WASD to move
Numbers, Scroll the mouse wheel or Left mouse button on the inventory to switch items
E to craft
Shift to sneak
Hold LMB to place blocks, shoot arrows, and attack
Left mouse button to throw TNT, Right mouse button to detonate it
Drag inventory objects to change their spots

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