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Mine-Craft.io Game

Feel free to express your building skill in Mine-Craft.io – another io game inspired by Minecraft. You have a chance to create a world at your own taste using a wide array of resources that can be collected on the ground. You will make use of these resources to make houses, craft weapons, tools, and any equipment for yourself. Be careful with the wicked mobs roaming at night. You must use the crafted weapons to kill them all while defending your base from their attacks. Remember to kill other players too if they go hostile on you. Can you survive and make your world bigger in Mine-Craft.io unblocked? Play it now!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Use F to toggle the inventory, use the left Shift to run, Enter to chat, the left mouse to attack, the right mouse to perform an action, keys 1-8 to change the active item in the quick inventory, use Q to release an active item, and use Esc to close the active window or open the game menu.

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