Full Screen Game unblocked is a unique io game that turns you into a maniac killer whose mission is to kill as many people as possible at the Halloween party. This is a tough adventure that gets you through many challenges. The party is on and the people there have no ideas about your presence. You must take this advantage to carry out the kills and try not to get caught by anyone. You must secretly make your way through the party, take any chances you have in order to kill the people without them knowing. Stay on the lookout for your surroundings all the time! If someone catches you in the act, your game will be over. Hence, it is very important to be careful as you hunt for people. The more people you kill, the higher the score you will earn. Once you have finished the mission, you will become the winner. Play and have fun with game now!

How to play

Navigate your character using arrow keys, press Z to kill and use X to interact.

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