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HexArena.io Game

HexArena.io unblocked is a Tower Defense game online that forces to compete against many rivals from across the world. Join HexArena.io free now to sharpen your skills. In this title, you will have to make a huge territory in a hex-shaped arena. Since you need to expand your territory, you will start making your way through the map taking over as many other lands then connect all of them back to your main base for the expansion. Keep in mind that the enemies can take any chances to kill you before you take their lands. Therefore, you have to use your tricks and strategies to destroy them as fast as possible. Make sure you are always on guard when roaming the map as well as have your skills ready all the time to cope with the rivals. How long will it take you to build up a large territory? Let’s give it a try now!

How to play

Use the in-game objects by pressing the left mouse button. Use the mouse wheel scroll or Q/E to zoom.

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