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HelmetRoyale.io Game

HelmetRoyale.io is a new 2D shooter io game. It introduces a fast-paced online multiplayer match available for all to join. Enter the name and you can embark on fighting against every enemy nearby. Alike with other Battle Royale titles, your mission in the present adventure is to survive. You must stay alive to conquer the leaderboard.

Play HelmetRoyale.io Unblocked Online

Play HelmetRoyale.io unblocked you’d better avoid the red zone because it can cause the death of you in a short time! Specifically, it will reduce the size of the playable area and you will face enemies sooner. Stay away from it and search for good weapons with supplies for survival! The minimap in HelmetRoyale.io free can provide the image of the current situation. If you eliminate somebody on the path, do not forget to loot their gear! Therefore, you are recommended to keep an eye on everybody around you to defend your character. Let’s begin and look for upgrades now!

How to play

Choose WASD to go, Left Mouse to shoot, Shift or Space to avoid, F to interact with items, M-V-G to check the map

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