Gun Battle

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Gun Battle Game

In Gun Battle game, you must point your gun at enemies and kill them all. Say hi to this awesome 2D Shooter Strategy game free for all now – where you will master your shooting ability through a lot of challenges. Start making your way through a big arena full of foes, have your gun ready all the time then quickly shoot at everything standing in your way before you soak massive damage. For more kills and win, you will get a lot of coins. Then, you can spend them on brand new awesome skins or even stronger weapons in the shop. Playing with better guns is always great because you will find it much easier to finish off an enemy without using too much effort. Keep an eye on your surroundings as you move around the map because you will know whether the enemies will ambush you or not. So, always keep yourself well protected and you must stay alive until you become the ultimate winner!

How to play

Control your shooter using arrow keys or WASD. Aim and shoot with the mouse.

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