Full Screen Game unblocked makes you a hostile goose trying to fight off all enemy geese in a narrow pen. All of you are locked away in this pen after getting the farmer angry for taking his stuff. Being stuck in the pen with other geese, you have to fight for your survival, otherwise, you will be defeated by them. There is not enough food for all geese to eat, so you must compete against others trying to eat as much food as possible to get your size bigger. When you become a bigger goose, you can start hunting for the smaller geese, eat them all and avoid getting eaten by the bigger ones. Make use of your smart strategies with tactics to outplay all geese! There can only be one winner at the end of the match and you must try to win. Once you have become the biggest goose, you will dominate the leaderboard with the best score. Have fun with free!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your goose, the left mouse button to attack enemies, and the right mouse button to sprint.

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  • goose game io

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