Full Screen Game is a 3D MMO racing game. Explore a real-time minigolf match and compete against up to 50 rivals in the same arena. Race and finish every course faster than the opponent to become the winner! It is a good place to check some skills while traveling on platforms. Play unblocked online you can use your possibilities to make shots whilst you are moving at high speed, bouncing around the obstacle or traps and slinging the ball. If you register an account to log in to the playfield, you can save EXP, level up and unlock rewards. Especially, you will be able to utilize Friendship Abilities in free. They must be deployed properly to aid your allies or knock about competitors. Further, you are allowed to create maps by selecting the available editor. Remember to share your products with everybody and invite buddies to join together with you! Have fun!

How to play

Hold Left Mouse and drag to aim, release to shoot the ball, scroll the mouse to zoom, R to reset the level, F to test Friendship Abilities

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