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If drawing and guessing words are your hobbies, you will want to play! It’s a fun drawing io game online letting you compete against competitors around the world. unblocked has a great gameplay mechanic. All players will have their own turns to guess the drawings as well as create their own masterpieces. Here are the rules: you will take your turn to draw stuff in relation to a word so others can guess what it is. You are not allowed to draw letters, numbers, or symbols. When someone is drawing, your task now is to guess their drawing. If your guess is right and you send it first, you will earn a lot of points. Keep playing in turns like that until the end of the game! The one with the best score will become the winner. auto draw promises to be one of the best drawing games for you to conquer. Play it now for free! Much fun!

How to play

Choose color then start drawing using the left mouse button. Type your answers using the keyboard.

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