Flap Royale

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Flap Royale Game

Are there any fans of Flappy Bird game out there? Will you be excited about joining Flap Royale unblocked – a multiplayer edition where you can play and flap your wings against online players from around the world? Give it a shot now for a new experience. All birds that are controlled by real human players have to jump out of an airplane and fly into a world full of pipes. These pipes are obstacles that you need to avoid as you fly. If you touch one or if you fly down to the ground, it will be a game over for you immediately. You must fly faster to pass all enemy birds and get through all the pipes for a high score. With the best score and the farthest distance your bird can reach, you have enough right to become the best bird in Flap Royale game! Are you ready? Play the game now!

How to play

Flap your wings using the mouse or the spacebar to fly against other enemy birds in the game.

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