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Evonite.fun Game

Evonite.fun unblocked is an io game of strategy and battle royale. It features the fast-paced element, pushing players together in an arena where they must fight to become the last man standing. You start Evonite.fun free game by cutting down trees, palms, bushes, and cacti to increase your size bigger. Focus on increasing your size while avoiding all enemies around you, especially the bigger ones. You need to run away from if you want to survive. But for the smaller enemies, you can defeat them with just one fell swoop of your weapons. When they are defeated, you can take their experience to increase yours. You will advance your level when playing. There are 12 levels you can upgrade with various character classes, including killer, ninja, warrior, and legend. The goal for you in this io game is to become the top-ranked fighter! Play the game now to show your skills! Have fun!

How to play

Attach enemies using the left mouse button and speed up using the right mouse button.

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