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Dungeonz.io Game

Dungeonz.io is a good classic RPG. Explore the Free For All mode and conquer the new game by defeating every opponent, destroying monsters, and dominating the top spot! It’s available to visit and occupy a huge open world your way! However, you will encounter a lot of rivals on the path. In order to outplay, you are advised to upgrade your own stats and craft the most powerful gear. Aside from that, tools that you create after collecting enough resources will allow you to fend off dangers from the environment better. In Dungeonz.io, you are recommended to defend yourself or counterattack to increase your survival ability. You will have the chance to fight against mummies, vampires, or other scary creatures through pyramid crypts, dark castles, and more locations scattered across Dungeonz.io. So as to win sooner, you can invite and bring your buddies with you to wipe out the target quickly. Try to progress and earn the highest rank! Get ready to discover the map and become the best player now!

How to play

Press WASD to move, Left mouse to use held items, E to pick up items, 1-0 to select tools

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