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Drakes.io Game

Get ready to take control of mighty dragons and fly into a tough battle in Drakes.io! You will confront with a lot of opponents worldwide in this 2D Shooter Upgrades game featuring many fire-breathing actions. At first, you begin with a small dragon, then, you have to go burn down a lot of objects in order to grow its size. Gradually, you will become a bigger and stronger dragon that can take down a lot of smaller dragons controlled by real human players easily. Still, you need to elude fire from other dragons as they can burn you down and wipe you out of the arena if they catch you off guard. Once your dragon gets destroyed, the game will be over, meaning you will have to restart it from scratch. So be careful when you step deeper into the fight! Your main objective in Drakes.io is to become the most dangerous dragon! Wish you luck!

How to play

Control the movement of your dragon using the mouse.

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