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DinoRoyale.io Game

You play as a little cute dinosaur that has to evolve through stages in DinoRoyale.io unblocked! This is another io game inspired by Agar.io. Since you are very small when you first spawn on the map, you must go eat as much fruit as possible to get your size bigger and better. That’s how your evolution works! Be careful with the areas around you when hunting for fruit because you may get eaten by enemy dinosaurs that are bigger than you. You must run away from them fast to save your life. Getting eaten will make the game over for you! But if you come across the ones that are smaller than you, quickly chomp them all to get your body much bigger. You have to remain alive during the game and grow your food chain to the top place on the leaderboard so you can become the best dinosaur! Play DinoRoyale.io free online and have fun with it!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your dinosaur around the map to hunt for food and chomp enemies.

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