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CrazyBattle Game

CrazyBattle is a new interesting 2D shooter arena iO game. Join battles set on an abandoned island filled with explosive barrels and fight against all of the players. To become the winner, you need to score the most kills and survive. You’d better avoid every danger for survival. Engage in CrazyBattle unblocked, you will have the chance to control various powerful weapons and simple tools like grenade launchers or bandages. Further, it is feasible to cover yourself by building walls. It’s necessary to mine wood, collect bricks, and iron! Try to cut down trees, loot stone from houses and the metal pieces from cars! Play CrazyBattle online for free you are able to unlock plenty of achievements such as a butcher, a hunter, or a legendary and skins. There are many different game modes to choose from. In addition to Deathmatch, it’s also possible to launch combat against zombies! Always prevent the enemy from approaching your space! Have fun!

How to play

Press WASD to roam, Space to fast land, LMB to hit, Shift to speed up, ZXC to choose wall types, RMB to place blocks, 1-5 to pick items, Enter to chat, E to perform your action

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