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Cool Game

If you want to try more snake io games, then join Cool unblocked free in your browser to experience new challenges. Playing Slither Style games is so fun. You will become a cunning snake slithering through a big arena to hunt for glowing pellets and enemies. The pellets are dispersed everywhere on the map, so quickly eat them to gain size, which makes your snake bigger than ever. On your way of hunting for pellets, you have to avoid crashing into the body of other enemy snakes, otherwise, you will meet an end. To kill them, you can tempt them to run into your body, or speed up to outmaneuver them and cut them off. The more snakes you kill, the more experience points you will earn. This will take you to the highest rank on the leaderboard and make you the best snake of all. Will you rule the leaderboard in Cool online? Join it now!

How to play

Your snake’s movement will be directed by the mouse. Click the left mouse to give it a speed boost.

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