Full Screen Game

You must use your smart strategies to conquer all enemies and challenges in unblocked – another tough strategy game you can play in browsers. It is so addictive and you will surely love it. You take on the role of a commander controlling your forces to defeat all enemy forces as well as slay other commanders before they defeat you. Since online is turn-based with every turn lasting a second, you must use your turns smartly. To capture enemy commanders, you will extend your territory to develop your army as well as use your smart strategies to attack them then take over their lands. Don’t forget to protect your own as you play. The enemies also try to dish out damage to you. Watch out for the surroundings and always have some spare plans ready to deal with the tough enemies. Will you dominate the leaderboard as well as become the best commander in the game? Have fun playing!

How to play

Use the mouse to choose a tile, press WASD for the movement, use number key 1 to build a castle, use number key 1 to place dynamite, use Q to clear all moves, E to clear last move, and press Shift to divide your army in half.

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