Full Screen Game is a free-for-all 2D shooter game inspired by famous conspiracy theories. Move around the new airspace with an aircraft and poison as many people as you can! It is a necessary job to make the Coverage bar full. When that tool is filled, your plane will automatically get bigger. Therefore, you will have more chances to outplay the rest and rank up faster. Play unblocked and remember to collect power-ups! Like their names, they are really useful to boost up your movement speed, give you better weapons, and larger wings that only appear for a short time. These items will allow you to cover much more. However, you can get troubles with challengers in online. They will attack you to loot your progress. Don’t let anybody do that! If you want to eliminate somebody, attempt to make them crash into your chemtrails! Their airplane will explode in a wink and achievements they own will belong to you immediately. Join the match and prove your talent now!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to move the plane, Q to release bombs, E to shoot missiles, Space to speed up

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