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BulletLeague.io Game

BulletLeague.io is a brand new 2D Shooter game with Battle Royale concept. It features great physics-based gunplay, a wide range of weapons with different advantages and weaknesses, together with many challenges. They are all good elements making BulletLeague.io a must play. Prepare all of your skills then step into the arena now! You must try to shoot your way to the skies, fight off every single enemy standing in your way using your found weapons. There are some weapons that can give you an edge over others, such as the minigun and rocket launcher. You should make the most out of them to deal damage to all of your foes. If you get stuck, you have to use the building system that helps you get out of sticky situations easily, or you can use it for stopping chasing enemies. Do you have what it takes to be a real fighting champion in BulletLeague.io? Join the game now!

How to play

Move around the map using ASD, press the spacebar to jump.

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