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BUILDROYALE.IO is an online Battle Royale game dropping players into a big arena where they must fight and kill each other. The battlefield is extremely huge, so you must roam through it carefully seeking more weapons, armor and handy equipment to use for killing any rivals standing in your way. But first, you must utilize your provided pickaxe for mining more materials. After that, you can utilize them to construct walls for protection because you can get ambushed by any rivals at any time, and once you soak damage from them, you may face your doom Try your best to think fast and keep moving as you watch out for your surroundings! Like other 2D Shooter Battle Royale games, in this one, there is also a storm closing in on the playfield that keeps shrinking in size. If you are caught in the storm, you may end up getting destroyed. So, make sure you stay away from it all the time. The final goal here is to become the last man standing! Good luck to you!

How to play

Use WASD to move, shoot with the left mouse, aim or change material with the right mouse. Use key Tab for the inventory, key M for the map, spacebar to jump, key shift to sprint, key Q to enter the building mode and key R to reload.

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