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You become a swordsman in unblocked, who has to swing his blade when moving around the map to kill opponents. free online is a unique io game with awesome gameplay. You will love this title once playing it. The game also features the survival element when you have to fight for the top rank on the leaderboard.

You see that your blade is very small when you spawn in the arena. You cannot deal damage to opponents quickly when having a short and small blade like that. Therefore, you have to collect some colored grains on the ground to make your weapon bigger and longer. This is how you power up your blade to make it more powerful, which allows you to kill enemies more easily. You can even speed up to run away from dangers or chase your targets. However, when you make an acceleration, you should pay attention to the length of your blade because it will reduce when you make a speed boost. Once your sword becomes shorter, you have to collect more grains to grow it long. For every kill you collect, your score on the leaderboard will be increased. This means you have to kill more opponents to get a high score, which lets you top the leaderboard. You aim to dominate the arena and become the best swordsman in game. Have fun with it!

How to play

Move your character and swing your sword using the mouse. Click the left mouse button to speed up.

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