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While looks like a classic strategy iO game, you can find a lot of upgrades when you level up. It is about a survival match in which you will fight against multiple online opponents in various pieces of the map. With the units and a vulnerable fort that you receive at the start, you are able to capture all of the other towers and become the top player. If you play online free you should attack neutral areas first because you will get an edge over your competitors, avid being destroyed too soon, and get closer to taking over their territories. As in Battle Royale based title, the winner will be the last standing man. Every stage in unblocked will allow you to earn skill points which are great to improve your stats. Do not forget to enhance the power of your turret! With coins, you can open chests to get more EXP and obtain special skins. Learn how to send your troops now! Have fun!

How to play

Use the mouse button to select towers and send units

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  • little big snake io

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