Full Screen Game unblocked is an ocean game about anglerfishes swimming around the ocean to get a lot of food. game is inspired by You start as a small fish trying to grow your size by eating as much food as possible when you swim through the water. Then, when you get bigger, you will feel more confident in engaging in a clash to destroy all of the other enemy fishes. You can merge your small fishes into an army and control this army to attack others. Stay away from the enemies with larger groups, or else your fishes will get eaten, causing the game to be over. You should always protect your fish army because you have no ideas when the enemies attack your army. It’s important to keep it safe during the course of the game. Your main objective in game is to become the top angler fish on the leaderboard. Much fun with it!

How to play

Move your fish around the map using the mouse, left click to attack enemies, right click to combine your fishes, hold the mouse to absorb the enemies, and use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom.

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